Faldas Project

From winter (solstice) 2003, we invited more than 130 people to take part of this project. We requested participants to work with 3 triangular pieces of fabric (suggesting to use our names as starting points a name as an event in itself). We aim to generate an action line that connects with Joseph Beuys`s idea :” Every human being is an artist”. The idea behind our project is to reconcile the notions of “knowledge” and “action”

As we received back the triangular pieces of fabric -already intervened- we started to build the “Faldas” (skirts in Spanish) as well as an artist book that details each participant work and its travel.The Faldas are used with ritual pourpouses in our action/performance activities.
What we value as art is its sense of beauty that emerges from the authenticity of each intervention. Our work has been conceived since its very inception as a work in progress.

Faldas at the Parana River Delta, Argentina

Faldas. shared a day of connection with nature with artist Viviana Macias. A group of friends was in charge of documenting our action through the use of photography and video in Archivo Vivo.

Ribbons dance

Ribbons dance (Ronda), action.
Palermo Viejo´s Square. Buenos Aires, Argentina. September 2005.
Collective parade and dance, joined by a sikuri band.

A new turn

Faldas/ a new turn, installation at Juana de Arco Art Gallery, September, 2005


As part of the International Art Fair Expotrastiendas, Faldas was invited to participate in the art group in public spaces category. 2005.

We handed out printed cards with a selected fragment of Argentinian poet’s work, Juarroz: “If we could draw toughts/ as a branch is drawn on the sky / Something might come to lay down on it...”

Ritual at Cárcova

Action at “Ernesto de la Cárcova” Museum, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2004
The action was a ritual at the Museum’s garden at the openning day. Each of one of us wore the intervened Faldas (ritual skirts) and we performed choreographic movements, along with offerings to Mother Earth, while a specially edited soundtrack called the names of all the participants.